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Tinder plus MOD APK Free Download for Android providing Unlimited Super Likes, Swipes, Rewinds, Boosts, Likes and much more paid features for free providing all the tinder plus premium feature for free. Now you don’t need to pay a single price for tinder plus features and enjoy all the features of tinder freely. You can Download Tinder Plus mod APK from the given below link at the bottom. The super awesome dating type app modified APK is Allowing to interact and match with new people all over the globe.

Introduction of Tinder Plus MOD APK

Tinder Plus MOD APK for android and ios download free is the ultimate solution for getting more likes and getting more matches around the world. More likes availability increases the chances of getting matched with other users in the tinder and the main objective of any user can be achieved easily through this APK. All you need is to download the Unlimited likes APK From the link given in the bottom and install it on your phone to get started.

Downlaod Free Tinder Plus MOD APK

Tinder Plus MOD APK Features:

Swipe: The Basic feature of tinder swipe use for sending likes to interesting people on the basis of mutual interest to get a match and beginning a new chat or friendship.

Unlimited Likes: Providing Tinder Plus Unlimited Super Likes to the user that they can send special like to highly interesting profiles without any count restriction.

Boost: One Boost per month free to get your profile noticed in your area by popping up again.

Passport: Chat with the single by setting up your desired location all over the world.

Common Connection: Allows the user to make connections with people on the basis of mutual interest as if they have any mutual facebook friend then they have a chance to get matched.

Tinder Gold: Tinder gold introduced in back 2017 to get more interesting benefits to the user which increases the chance of a match with other people.

Likes you feature: introduced to the tinder gold members in which a user gets notification of who has liked him, Now a user has a chance in hand to like them back and get a match.

instagram integration: User can add his Instagram account on his profile by which interesting people can see their more pictures on Instagram and make a decision to like or reject while swiping.


Getting Started With Tinder:

Welcome to Tinder, the world’s largest and hottest community of singles in the world and the most common and recommended dating app all over the world that has more than around 20 billion matches to date and more than 22 million users per day to match and date. Tinder is spread all over the world and declared famous application on the globe to meet new people. Through Tinder, you can discover new dates, Relationships, friends and everything else here on the tinder.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online mobile and web-based application founded in 2012 and available in more than 190 countries all around the earth as popular dating app service that facilitates and bring communication between people having mutual interest. Tinder user use right or left swipes to like and dislike other users picture that is displaying as their profiles in its home screen. Communication on tinder is only available between those two users who have liked one another’s pictures and resulted in a match. That’s why tinder has declared the world most commonly used dating service application having more than 1.5 billion swipes and around 22 million matches per day.


Tinder’s Biggest features:

Super Like:

Download Tinder Plus Unlimited Likes MOD APK for Android

To show that you are highly interested in someone then you can tap blue star button appearing on the middle of their photos on their profile.


If you have mistakenly liked or rejected someone then you can tap on the yellow rewind button appearing on the bottom to reverse your action.


To make sure that everyone in your area has a notice or view of your profile then tap on the purple lightning button below the photos and then select boost me.

Tinder Premium Versions:

Tinder Plus:

If you are serious and really willing to get matched then you need to invest in the Tinder Plus. A premium feature which gives more advantages to the users. Tinder ad-free. fiver super likes per day, one boost per month, an exclusive feature of rewind, location change and unlimited right swipes.

Tinder Gold:

To make tinder things more result oriented, it has a second tier of tinder gold. It has all same features of tinder plus two more additional features: who likes you and picks.

Who likes you is same as it’s sound that user can see who has liked your profile already and gives you a chance to watch all details of the profile to make a decision about it to like back if you are interested to make a match with them.

The pick is one more tinder gold feature in which tinder algorithms pick some profiles on daily basis according to your mutual interest each day.


Tinder Plus MOD APK Unlimited Super Likes :

People all around the world are using tinder plus premium feature and through daily super likes discovering new dates with new people. Now you have golden chance to get all the tinder plus paid features for free in one MOD. If you are interested in someone then you will swipe it right to like it. And if not interested then swipe left and pass it. In case someone also likes you back then it’s a successful match and now you can start chatting with each other.

Tinder plus mod APK unlimited super like is all that you need to get the maximum possibilities of getting matched with the other people by sending them super likes. Now you can get Unlimited Super Likes without paying them any money. So get the super APK trick to keep enjoying it.

Download Tinder Plus MOD APK Unlimited Likes APK:

Tinder Likes are the main and basic feature of tinder introduced in tinder to get started by which we get a chance to get a match with other users. Sending like to others and receiving likes back from the same user is the main game of tinder resulting into a match. Each user gets a limited number of likes each day to use to send like swipes to other users.

As nearby profiles appear in the home of tinder application so there are two ways to send them like form which one is to swipe right on the screen that profile is moves forward and next profile appears on the screen. the second way is to tap on the heart showing on the bottom of Tinder screen along with other 3 buttons. Sent like is saved in the directory of your tinder profile to ensure a like back from the same profile that leads towards a lead.

Tinder Plus MOD APK Latest Version Free Download:

it is updated and latest version that is simple to download and easy to install as Tinder most results worldwide dating the application for both android and ios user. Famous in helping new hooks ups for android users according to the nearest location. Tinder provides suggestion accordingly nearly available users and gives a chance to discover new dates, friends. Relationships here through tinder plus mod APK latest version. Declared world’s most popular app for meeting new people.

Now in latest version here is the dual option so that two users get matches suggestion according to mutual interest. Means if two nearby users have selected same interests then they will get suggestion according to mutual interest to hook up or to start a new friendship or relation.

How Tinder Works:

Download and Sign Up:

  • Download free Tinder app from your Android play store or iOS app store and install it on your device.
  • Login by providing your email or facebook account access but tinder will not access your personal Facebook data.
  • Allow access to use your location.

and that’s all.

Setup Profile:

  • Once you opened your tinder for the first time you will be asked to set up your profile. tap on the profile icon on the navigation bar then provides information.
  • Provide your date of birth to set your age.
  • Set a profile picture for that there will be a pencil button on the profile main screen. Tap on it and add photos (First photo is that other user will see while swiping on the profiles and other pics that users will see while tapping on your profile) from your camera roll.
  • In between the picture area, there will be an option for adding more information.
  • Add where you work
  • Add where you went to School.
  • You can add your Instagram account so that interested person can also see your Instagram photos.
  • Add your favorite kinds of music.
  • Add your interested gender.
  • You can hide your age and distance.

Start Swiping:

  • Click on the fire button on the navigation bar appearing on the top of the screen. Feed of others profile will appear.
  • You can swipe others profiles to left or right.
  • Swiping a profile to left means reject and swiping to the right means you are interested.
  • You can also click on the red X button on the bottom to Reject or you can tap on the green heart icon below to show that you are interested. When you will get a match with any user then Tinder will alert you.
  •   If you are interested to see more information of any profile before swiping it then tap on the profile picture. you see more about the profile with all of its provided details, linked details and more.
  • You can watch more photos by sliding through the profile pictures and you can decide whether to tap heart button to like or X button to reject.

Get Free Tinder Plus Hack APK For Android:

While Swiping left or right to get liked or disliked by someone here you will get most amazing Tinder Plus Hack For Free. You don’t have worry to pay and you can get tinder plus features for free and enjoy them without a payment headache and get matched with the new people for hooks ups out there looking for your right swipe to get the new friendship and relations begin. This hack helps you getting matched with unlimited people without any restriction and you can find new soul mates for the rest of your life.

Tinder is becoming most trending app form 2012 to nowadays in getting more fun and exploring more new people out in the world and discovering new friends to hang out and spend quality time together and building new relations for the future.

How to Get Tinder APK Free 2018:

If you are looking for tinder all premium features for free then you are landed in the very right site because we are providing an ultimate solution to get all the premium features totally free of cost to unlock all the paid functions for free without paying a single penny for it. Using tinder plus free is not a big problem to worry about as we have worked and compiled a complete solution for it.

As tinder has become the need of every young smartphone user all around the world to socialize his life in spare time by meeting new people and exploring more new expects of life. It’s one of its kind social app that builds real-time new relation in very less time depending upon the interest in each other and user can prolong that relation.

Tinder Gold Hack Free:

Just Same like that of tinder plus Feature the tinder gold feature was also introduced in back 2017 and that was the maximum resultant in getting high interested members to their match. In Gold Version of tinder user is provided with the more advanced and beneficial features which make it more easy by utilizing gold version feature to get successful matches in the interested people on Tinder.

User Enabling Tinder Gold is like the VIP members of the Tinder. Even more expensive and highly paid than that of tinder plus. we are providing you with the Tinder Gold hack solution free that without paying a single fee user can utilize the features.

Here is the Features List of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Tinder unlimited Rewinds:

Rewind option in Tinder is available to get a passed profile to get back . for example if one profile appears on your tinder home screen and you swipe it on the left mistakenly or without pondering on the profile then if you think that I need to see that profile again and want it back to see then tinder rewind option comes in action that help in getting profile back with the again option to swipe it right or left to like or dislike respectively.

Tinder Unlimited Swipes:

Tinder All dating and real tome interaction scene based upon the swipes and right swipe id the only basic option that send likes to other profiles and provides a chance to others users to send us the like back to get it a match and a messages conversation that leads toward any type of relation.

Unlimited likes increase the probability of getting more matches than the usual and basic user of tinder. Each basic tinder user is given with the limited swipes and fewer chances of getting matched. Now No need to worry about the limited number of swipes.

Why should you choose Tinder as a Dating App?

People are connecting with each other without any emotional attachment and having the fun time with each other. Some researchers have shown that people are finding their soul mates and also getting married to the source of tinder. As we have discussed to people about tinder is that they are very happy that they do not need to complete a 100-questions registration process.

Tinder is very Simple. The world is being revolutionized each next day and use of the internet have shortened the distances. People are using social media to find new friends, soul mates moreover now day finding new people for hookups. Here we are going to discuss the common app for dating known as tinder. You may have heard about it before and using it or never got a chance to use it before that’s a golden chance for you now that you can use tinder plus(Paid feature) total for free.

Though tinder the most common dating app you can like or get liked by the other users and if liked back then that a match and now you can start the further conversation with that user. To continue getting likes you need to have more super likes to send so that you get likes back and this way you need Tinder Plus Unlimited Super Likes MOD APK.

Why Tinder Plus Mod APK is Necessary?

The most commonly used dating app with more than to interact with others all over the globe along with key features of providing the suggestion according to the nearest available users to get interacted with each other. Tinder provides suggestion according to the nearby location and provides a chance to swipe them right accordingly if someone also swipe right in your match if interested in you then you can start a conversation that can lead to date, friendship, a new relationship.

What Tinder Plus Mod APK Offers:

  • Offers unlimited likes to get more matches around the world to get best dating experience.
  • Passport option to get matched with the tinder user all around the world.
  • Location change option available to switch your location to a specific region where you want someone to get matched date.
  • Rewinds to give a second chance to a user again to get matched and swiped.
  • Unlocks all features and allow the integration of facebook profile.
  • The user can hide its location.
  • 5 Super likes each day to spend on the most favorite person to whom you want to date.
  • You can hide your age from other users that they can’t imagine your age.
  • Monthly boost that highlights your profile in your matching region and chances of getting matched increases gradually.

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